OutWit Images

0.7 Beta

Search for and download any image from a website



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This excellent add-on for Firefox was developed to make it easier for you to download multiple images from a webpage.

It's very easy to use this tool. You just need to go to the website where you want to download an image and click the OutWit Images button, which is located on the Firefox navigation bar.

The program interface will open right away, and you can see miniature versions of all of the images on the page. OutWit Images allows you to download all of the files that it has found or you can decide which images you want to save to your hard drive.

In addition, you can adjust the program settings and create search parameters so that it only finds images that fulfill the requirements that you have already established.

OutWit Images also allows you to share the files with your friends by sending emails that include the URL of the selected image.

You must have Firefox installed to use this tool.

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